Left Arrow Callout: Click on New User.


Left Arrow Callout: Enter your email address used at sign up.
Create user name.
Select Icon.
Click on Sign up.


Next, a confirming email will be sent to your email account with a temporary password. You will then be able to return to the log in page and use your username and temporary PW


Your custom family page will now be displayed. This is where you can now sign up for Hot Lunch along with additional features that are available for use.  These will be explained in a later document.


Up Arrow Callout: You can now click on the Hot Lunch Menu, and ordering options will now appear.Left Arrow Callout: Select this option to view your menu selections that you have placed for your family.

This selection is where you will actually place your hot lunch orders.
Up Arrow Callout: At this point, you can click on the link for my family, and go to change password.  Set up your own password and click submit.  You will see a notation on the top line that the system has accepted your changes.

Left Arrow Callout: You will now view all your children and be able to select their menu items.  If you do not want to place an order for a specific date or a specific child, you will leave their menu option to “No Order”.  

A total with items will be calculated at the bottom of the screen.  

There is a location labeled “check number”. You MUST put a check number into this box and click insert or your transaction/menus won’t be completed. 
If you intend to pay cash, type “cash” and click insert.







If you have any questions or problems logging in, please contact Belinda Gustas, Hot Lunch Program or Jane Connell, Technology Department.