Inquiries about the school should be made to:


(630) 969-1732 between 8:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. Central Time, or


E-mail at:

  Extended Day Numbers for parents: 630-963-9070 and 630-353-4555

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Email Addresses
Use the addresses below to send information to any of the school staff.  Please do not send time sensitive information like absences or special instructions via email.  Time sensitive information must be called in to (630) 969-1732.

Teachers will try to respond within 24 hours. If you do not hear back, or if the person does not have an email address listed, please send an email to so we can follow up.


Principal Sister Carolyn Sieg, O.S.B.
Vice Principal Mr. Wind
Administrative Assistant Sister Patricia Fallon,O.S.B.
Supplemental Learning Program Mrs. Joniak
Supplemental Learning Program Mrs. Ouellette
Librarian Mrs. Jablonski
Multimedia Center Mrs. Ansier
Physical Education Mrs. Wenzel
Tech Center & Blog Contact Mrs. Connell
Tech Dept Mr. Walls
Primary Enrichment Mrs. Bruner
Preschool Mrs. Clark
K Mrs. Kolar
K Mrs. Fennell
K Ms. Mayor
1A Mrs. Barenbrugge
1B Mrs. McMahon
2A Mrs. Bradburn
2B Ms. Coduto
3A Ms. Brown
3B Mrs. Donovan
4A Mrs. Danowski
4B Mrs. Kenney
5A Ms. Friedman
5B Mrs. Raymond
6A Mrs. Haeger
6B Mrs. Sendlak
6C Mr. Fedinec
7A Mr. Gormley
7B Mrs. Anderson
7C Ms. Weber
8A Mrs. Zydron
8B Mrs. Bock
8C Mrs. Svitak

Spanish -
Email for any faculty member not on this list can be sent to for immediate forwarding

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